28th July 2015

Excel Add-In



Also this approach makes the available calculation power in Excel for users more scalable and predictable. Users can easily be switched to more powerful servers or use a complete server exclusively for one Excel task. So it makes perfect sense to put heavy loads including updates from many different data providers to a server environment.


But many users in financial institutions rely for their calculations on being able to subscribe to data from different vendors into the same Excel Workbook running under Citrix or Terminal Servers.

While the Thomson Reuters EIKON Add-In for Excel can be made available on a Terminal Server/Citrix environment, Bloomberg does not allow the “Bloomberg Terminal” to be run under Terminal Server/Citrix conditions. So Bloomberg data is not available there.


To solve this problem, already 10 years ago, we have worked with customers and Bloomberg on a solution that would allow data of any existing vendor to be subscribed into Excel together with Bloomberg data under Terminal Server/Citrix conditions.


In May 2017 we’ve released the more modern version of this solution using BPipe.


Emil5 comprises of three main functions:

  • Legally authenticate against a Bloomberg BPipe Server from Excel even running on Terminal Server using Bloomberg’s new Authentication & Authorizationfeatures of BPipe.
  • Entitle all subscription on user level for BPS and non BPS Data
  • Integrate real-time, reference and historical Data into Excel


EMIL5 is registered and certified by Bloomberg. Request more information from us (EMIL@bccgi.com) or ask your Bloomberg Key Account Manager.


BTW: Check out our Bloomberg Platform Solution “ONE Solution”. This is actually the better alternative for Citrix and Terminal Server environments using Bloomberg Data Excel.


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