ATTENTION: Early Adopter Individuals for CELL2CELL pls send email to info@cell2cell.net for registration; we will get in touch with you. Corporations and public authorities pls send email to info@stream2cloud.com. Early Adopters Programme ends February 2016.

Ever thought of “sending” a Spreadsheet cell Contents to someone else or better to everybody that is entitled to see it, simultaneously and in real-time? While this feature is nothing new for Market-Data contributors, for everybody else it can be an incredibly new experience.

Real-time inter-spreadsheet communication boosts Excel to a new Level: from an unwanted yet dangerous tool to an all-purpose real-time calculation-execution-display-engine in a world-wide distributed network.

Because inter-spreadsheet communication in real-time means publishing and subscribing to data, message router hardware takes care for transporting data reliably to all participants. The Entitlement system attached to it will route only messages to entitled users.

And because messages can be recorded and cached, the system resiliently keeps all data even if no spreadsheet is running. All applications, not only spreadsheets can access that data if entitled.

Imagine what this immediately means for your Spreadsheets:

  • Automatically consolidate data from all world regions into a single workbook, in real-time; copy-paste times are gone.
  • Trace and record cell entries; “where comes this data from” times are gone.
  • Compliantly release cell values and cell value groups in real-time; “fire-and-forget” times are gone.
  • Automatically update your global teams with the most current values; email times are gone.
  • Include your customers in the network and let them only see data they should see; that’s customer support!
  • Calculate big workbooks on servers and only send the results to everybody.
  • Feed any company’s data into Spreadsheets in real-time! It’s entitled, so don’t worry!

FinTech, initially invented for dealing-rooms, is now available for everybody, everywhere and in real-time.


EMIL is an Excel Real-time and Bulk Data integration solution providing Excel with unmatched real-time communication features for receiving, sending and recording all kind of streaming and bulk market data e.g. from Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg*, Morningstar or internal sources. EMIL empowers each Excel installation to be a convenient and always available data sourcing and retrieval command center.

With EMILs communication features Excel is raised to a new level of collaboration tool allowing for unseen complex distributed calculation and presentation scenarios required in trading, controlling and sales business areas. Distributed Workbook Data consolidation in real-time e.g. for sales reporting etc. are now just a click away. Never email Workbooks again!
*EMIL is approved by Bloomberg for use within Citrix Environments for BPS and non-BPS data Access.