28th July 2015


Compliant Excel under Server Conditions for Real-time and Reference Data.

CALCNODE is the solution to all compliance and speed problems running Excel on the desktop because CALCNODE runs Excel Workbooks and functions invisibly on Servers in a “High Performance Computing (HPC)” environment.

CALCNODE still allows for entitled users to control and make designed changes to invisible Workbooks on the HPC environment while keeping the look and feel on the user’s desktop. Calculation and data retrieval process of workbooks will be outsourced to an HPC environment but embedden into a compliant release management and change tracking. CALCNODE still allows interactive changes to calculations recording them for compliance. With CALCNODE it is possible to have”one source and many consumers” e.g. creating own values by using CALCNODE as a data feed. CALCNODE allows detailed Object Entitlement down to the Symbol of transferred data.



Link to the Thomson Reuters Application Directory: Calcnode with RMDS Integration.

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