28th July 2015

About Us

Software made in Germany

BCC Group is a German Software Development Company with focus on software development of highly reliable real-time messaging platforms based on Solace Middleware for all industry sectors. BCC Groups’s core competence is the development of SW Solutions based on financial market data feeds (Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Morningstar, ActivFinancial, ICE, FactSet etc.). This includes resilient, high-performance Feed Handlers and Last-Value-Caches, enforced Entitlements as well as full Excel and HTML5 Integration.


As long time Solace Systems API Developers we deliver the first Entitlement enforcing System for Solace Appliances, providing content based permission checks for all Messages, called MECS – Multivendor Entitlement Control Service.

BCC Group also developed world’s first Bloomberg Feed Handler with full EMRS control connected to Solace Devices for Royal Bank of Canada CM. The Solution is certified by Bloomberg.

BCC Group’s TREP-RT Adapter is world’s first Thomson Reuters data feed handler to provide openDACS entitled data into Solace Appliances, also running at Royal Bank of Canada CM globally.


As first development and distribution partner of Solace Systems in Europe in 2009 we started to develop FMDP for the high speed distribution of bank owned, permission controlled Financial Market Data with certified connectors to major market data vendors. The Product spectrum grew with the demand of customers so the Product was renamed to the “ONE Solution” including the ONE Platform, the ONE Excel Add-In, the ONE Terminal Designer (powered by XINFINT) and the ONE API.

The ONE Solution components were from the very beginning designed to work in the Cloud or in mixed environments (Hybrid Clouds). Interconnected Installations can span the globe while Solace manages the WAN optimisation automatically.


The ONE Solution supports openMAMA connectivity.